The ultimate lift for the usage of modern technology and tools

We elucidate the added value of new tools in training measures and workshops based on specific pilot projects. We show how this added value enhances the workday, increases productivity and how each person can use it in an individualized manner, which is an important part of the event. A basic understanding must first be established before new technology can be actively used.

The functionality of tools is conveyed in a palpable manner as we present the possibilities of the new video and communication technology. We replace inhibitions, doubt and skepticism with acceptance, which, in turn, leads to the successful establishment of modern technology.


New work practices lead to unforeseen possibilities

Furthermore, our workshops also show how collaboration solutions influence work practices – for example in regard to virtual teamwork. Thus, the role of the in-person meeting changes as aspects such as globalization, flexibility gain and reaction speed evolve. Accordingly, a new work quality establishes itself through online and video conferences.


Use our expertise for your success

Rely on training and workshops within the change process and ensure that you achieve and create enthusiasm among all employee groups.


Examples of our services include:

– Live and online trainings

– Go-Live support incl. floorwalking on site

– Workshops on collaboration in virtual teams

– Workshops on organizational and process design in virtual teams