Clever communication and joint change implementation

Humans are creatures of habit. This is also true for the professional world. Thus, change processes at the workplace should be performed carefully, comprehensibly and within an agile framework: Naturally, resistance, fear or misunderstanding can give way to successful development if the transformation is accompanied by professional change management.


New technology that is aligned with the requirements of employees

We support you in regard to the sustainable implementation of solutions in marketing and communication from the planning phase to the rollout. First and foremost, this is about integrating your employees from the very beginning – targeted communication is truly a key element for the successful establishment of unified communication “solutions”. We thereby ensure that new solutions are truly aligned with the employees’ requirements and the team perceives the functional application as coherent. Ultimately, the following holds true: A solution can only unfurl its added value to the extent that it is actually used.


Success through skillful in-house marketing

Whether it is the introduction of chat clients in a small business or UC changes in a company with over 10,000 employees: Take advantage and benefit from in-house marketing that actively integrates your team – and thereby create new and successful communication solutions.


Examples of our services include:

– Manuals and quick guides

– Short learning videos

– Digital jumpstart for users in the meeting room (MeetCube)

– IT open house and awareness events